Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for coming to attend the graduate ceremony.First of all,I’d like to______all the students who are here today.I remember _______all of you when you were just starting Grade 7 at this school.You were so full of energy and thirsty ______ knowledge.And some of you were a little difficult to deal with!But today,you’ve all grown up so _____ and I am so proud of you.

Although you’ve all worked very hard over the last three years,none of you did it ______.I hope you’ll remember the important ______ in your lives who helped and supported you.Please consider what they’ve done for you.Never______ to be thankful to the people around you.

Lastly,the end of junior high school is the beginning of a new? _____.You will have many difficult tasks ____you.You’ll make mistakes along the way,but the key is to _____your mistakes and never give up.But along with difficulties,there will also be many ______ things waiting for you.Learn the new things,and you’ll have the ability to make your own choices.Choose _____and be responsible for your decisions and actions._____you have to go your separate ways now,I hope that you’ll come back to visit our school in a few years’ time.As you_____ on your new journey,you shouldn’t forget where you came form.The future is _____.

Good luck and hope to see you again sometime soon!

1.A. introduce??? B. congratulate??? C. suggest??? D. support

2.A. meeting??? B. met??? C. meet??? D. to meet

3.A. of??? B. with??? C. for??? D. in

4.A. little??? B. much??? C. few??? D. many

5.A. lonely??? B. quickly??? C. alone??? D. correctly

6.A. things??? B. moments??? C. schoolwork??? D. people

7.A. fail??? B. hope??? C. remember??? D. continue

8.A. job??? B. ride??? C. life??? D. idea

9.A. across form??? B. ahead of??? C. behind??? D. above

10.A. copy??? B. write down??? C. follow??? D. learn from

11.A. exciting??? B. excited??? C. boring??? D. bored

12.A. quickly??? B. slowly??? C. wisely??? D. quietly

13.A. If??? B. Because??? C. Unless??? D. Although

14.A. set off??? B. set out??? C. set up??? D. set down

15.A. theirs??? B. yours??? C. his??? D. hers



David:How time flies!1.

Jerry:I'm sorry that I'll have to leave this lovely school.I won't forget your kind help during the last three years here.

David:2. It's hard to leave an old friend,but I'm sure we'll meet again.


David:Maybe I'll go to visit your hometown later.

Jerry:Good. Then we'll be together again.

David:4. You have my e-mail address and QQ number,don't you?

Jerry:Sure.I'll keep in touch with you.

David:I hope everything goes well and you will have a great future.

Jerry:Thanks a lot.And the same to you.

David:Please don't forget to say hello to Sarah,Linda and Tracy.

Jerry:I won't.5.

David:So will I.We'll say “See you later.” instead of “Goodbye.”

Jerry:OK.See you again soon,David.

David:Take care,my dear friend.


A.I'm looking forward to meeting you again later.

B.Don't forget to send me e-mail as soon as you are back home.

C.I hope so!

D.Don't forget to telephone me as soon as you are back home.

E.It's time for us to say goodbye.

F.I have learned a lot from you,too.

G.Don't say that.

A.I'm looking forward to meeting you again later.

B.Don't forget to send me e-mail as soon as you are back home.

C.I hope so!

D.Don't forget to telephone me as soon as you are back home.

E.It's time for us to say goodbye.

F.I have learned a lot from you,too.

G.Don't say that.



—Shall we take a car?

—No, we ??????? . It's only five minutes' walk.

A. can't??? B. mustn't??? C. needn't??? D. couldn't


-What did Max just say to you?

-He asked me _____.

A. if I would like to go skating

B. when did I buy this CD

C. where I will spend the weekend

D. that I had a good time


Tourists can choose to visit Kunming????? they like – spring, summer, autumn or winter.

A. whoever??? B. whatever??? C. whenever??? D. wherever


This is one of the most interesting cities?????? I have ever visited.

A. who??? B. that??? C. which??? D. where


Life is a journey with trouble, but with care and wisdom you can ________ any problem you face.

A. work out??? B. hand out??? C. find out??? D. put out



Time flies. You’ve already been in junior three for more than two months. You may have some problems in your school life. What is the biggest one? Please write a passage to talk about it. The passage should include :

1. what your biggest problem is.

2. what causes the problem. List at least two reasons. 

3. who can probably help you solve the problem.

4. the possible solution to the problem.


Normally people have various feelings. Shyness(害羞) is one of them. It means feeling frightened when you are around other people. Some children were born shy. Some become very shy later because of life experience. In fact, everyone gets a little shy sometimes. It depends on how shy you are. If shyness doesn’t stop you from doing something you want to do, being shy isn’t a big problem.

Scientists say that shyness generally begins during childhood. Most of the time, shyness is caused by people’s worry about what other people think of them, so shy people often find it very difficult to meet new people. This fear has bad effects on their work life, social life and love life. The following suggestions may be helpful for shy people.

Find ways to relax when you go out .When you are old enough, consider drinking a glass of wine before going out for the night. Talk with your friend or family member to help yourself calm down.

Look best when you go out. Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Listen carefully when people speak. Shy people sometimes think that meeting new people means having to do a lot of talking. You can ask simple questions and then be a good listener. People love to feel like other people are listening to them and sharing their point of view.

Build your confidence and change your attitude(態度) towards meeting new people instead of worrying about how they will think of you, and think about what are good points you hope to find in the new person you will meet.

Try these suggestions if you do feel very shy. Hopefully you can enjoy your life better.

What shyness is and how to overcome it.


The 1.of shyness


Feeling frightened when you are around other people.



The features(特點)of shyness


----Shyness can’t be a big 2. if it doesn’t stop you from doing what you want.

----Shyness generally begins during childhood.

----Shy people usually find it not 3. to meet new people.



Suggestions to shy people


---- Relax and calm down when you go out.

----look all your best to build confidence.

----4. but not do lots of talking.

----Stop 5. about what new people will think of you.




Please choose the right sentence to complete the article.

To become a doctor in the United States, students usually attend four years of medical school after they complete college. 1., and must complete a training program as medical residents. (住院實習醫生)

These medical residents provide hospitals with services for not much pay. They work under the control of medical teachers and more experienced doctors.2.. They carry out tests. They perform operations(做手術). They do almost everything in the hospital. Some medical residents work one-hundred or more hours in a single week.3..?

Critics (批評家) of this system say medical residents work too long and do not get enough rest. They say these young doctors may be too tired to perform their medical duties effectively. 4.. Most doctors in training will be limited to eighty-four hours of work each week. They will have work periods of no more than twenty-four hours at one time. They will have ten hours of rest between work periods. They will have one day off every week.

5.. Others, however, said the new rule may interfere with(妨礙) patient care and their own medical education.

A. Medical residents treat(治療) patients.

B. The government will limit the number of hours of work that residents can work now.

C. Many medical residents welcomed it.

D. They often work for more than thirty-six hours at a time before they can rest.

E. Then they work in hospitals for several years.

F. The government suggests that they should work less


IV. Fill in the blanks with the proper words according to the texts that we’ve learned.

Most of people prefer travelling by plane to travelling by train. But in Fear of Flying, the writer shares a different idea. He thinks trains are more r1. because they are never late. Trains are c2. than planes, we don’t have to pay too much. We can walk on the train, so we don’t feel tired, it can make us feel more c3.. Then the stations are more c4., we can get on and off in the middle of the cities. Although planes are much faster than trains, he thinks speed isn’t everything. Staying a5. and enjoying ourselves is more important.

Niki Taylor is an a6. all-American schoolkid. But she has her company and earns much money. At the age of fourteen, she signed a two-year contract with a c7.company, and she became the youngest model ever to a8. on the cover of the fashion magazine at sixteen. Now she wants to stay at school to get her school diploma and go to college when her m9. finishes. Helmut Braun is a German p10.. One day he intended to go to Baden-Baden but he made a m11.. After he r12. it, he did a U-turn, and drove the w13. way down the fast lane of the motorway. Another driver c14. the police and a police car helped him. He can’t drive for 12 months.

Mark Hill is a traffic police officer who works on some of the b15. motorways near London. He works eight hours each s16.. In a 24-hour period, he deals with 9 to 12 accidents. Some of these accidents are caused because people don’t follow the rules. In Britain, drivers can’t o17. on the left. And not everyone can use the motorway. Pedal c18., people driving agricultural v19. and pedestrians can’t. Mark Hill likes his job because he thinks his working day is v20. and interesting.


Find the only one mistake in each line and correct it.

Today we want to tell you something about studying a language,

English in particular. Students learned a language by learn?????????? 21.1.

grammar rules and word lists in the past. Some unlucky ones

still use this way. You can’t become skillful in speaking a language

if you don’t use it. And all modern ways is based on this theory.????? 22.2.

The course called “Look, Listen and Learn!” can help you.

English is the official language using in so many countries.?????? 23. 3.

And it has also become international and is second language???????? 24. 4.

in most of the countries. Perhaps through English we

will be able to understand each other more better. We will be???????? 25. 5.

able to communicate with anyone all around the world.


II. Pattern shift

1.Get in the special machine after the water is the right temperature.

Don’t get in the special machine _______ the water is the right temperature.

2.Students can no longer take the cell phones to the classrooms from this term.

Students ______ take the cell phones to the classrooms _____? _____ from this term.

3.A plane is the safest way of transport in the world.

A plane is ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ of transport in the world.

4.Mr Cui felt unhappy after knowing the name of the film, __________?

5.These Victorian inventions are so old that people can’t use them. (Rewrite the sentence with “too…to…”)

6.A lorry and 4 cars blocked the fast lane after the accident. (Change this sentence into passive voice)

7.Sitting on the chair and enjoying the sunshine is really comfortable.(exclamatory sentence)

8.People don’t use the tricycle printing press because it’s impractical. (Raise a question to the underlined part)

9.Karl turned up the heating by turning the knob on the wall. (Raise a question to the underlined part)

10.The famous TV presenter who was loved by many Chinese died in America. ( Emphasize the underlined part)


Did you know that you could expect to live almost 20 years longer today than someone who was born 100 years ago?

Thanks to the development of science, life expectancy (預期壽命) in most countries has been increasing(增加,增長) for ten years. But researchers believe we have finally reached our biological limit (生理極限).

A report in the magazine Nature says it is almost impossible our life expectancy will increase again. The oldest person to ever live was a French woman Jeanne Calment, who was 122 when she died in 1997. The report says she will probably remain the oldest, because it is almost impossible that anyone will live over 115. The “absolute maximum age (絕對最大年齡)” may be 125, according to the report, but it is not very possible that anyone could actually live that long.

Jan Vijg at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York led the research. His team studied the age of people who had died in America, Britain, France and Japan. They found that the age of the oldest people dying had increased regularly between the 1960s and 1990s. But beginning in the 1990s, “you no longer see that,” Vijg told NPR. “You see that it stays the same.”

Of course, many scientists and companies are still trying to find ways to increase our lifespan (壽命) over 125. But there is one simple way to make sure you live a healthy and long life. “Stop smoking, start exercising and eat healthily,” Professor Dame Linda Partridge, told CNN. “What will be will be. It’s only a question of when.”

1.What did researchers find?

A. The oldest age is increasing year by year.

B. People who were born 100 years ago usually live longer.

C. People now are not stronger than those born 100 years ago.

D. It’s almost impossible that human’s life expectancy will increase.

2.The oldest person to ever live _____.

A. came from the US??? B. was a man

C. was 122 years old??? D. died 20 years ago

3.According to the report, people may not live longer than _____ years old.

A. 115??? B. 120??? C. 122??? D. 125

4.Which of the following is true according to the article?

A. The research studied people from different countries.

B. The oldest age stayed the same from the 1960s to the 1990s.

C. With the development of science, people will live longer and longer.

D. If we live in a healthy way, we will definitely have a chance to live over 125.

5.Professor Dame Linda Partridge suggests all of the following ways to live a long life EXCEPT _____.

A. stopping smoking??? B. taking special medicine

C. exercising regularly??? D. eating healthy food


Sarah was excited. She was going to be 13 in two weeks. Her mother said it was a big day for a teenager. She said that Sarah could have a tea party to celebrate.

Sarah had 20 people in her class, and her mother said she could invite all of them. So they bought beautiful cards and wrote down the guests' names, and the time, date and place of the party. Sarah's mother also wrote down her phone number, so that guests could reply. Then they posted the invitations.

When you receive an invitation, it is polite to reply as soon as possible. You can either write a reply or make a telephone call. It's especially important when it is a wedding or anniversary (紀念日) invitation.

Sarah received 19 replies. One boy did not reply. "He is very rude!" said Sarah's mother.

The party was held in Sarah's village. Her guests brought birthday presents as well as flowers for her parents. It is polite to bring a gift for your host, even if it is only small. It means you are thanking him or her for inviting you.

Sarah really enjoyed her party and wrote letters to all the guests, thanking them for their presents. It is polite to write back and thank the host for inviting you. Say how much you enjoyed the party, even if you didn't.

1.Sarah was going to have her ___________ birthday very soon.

A. second??? B. thirteenth??? C. nineteenth??? D. twentieth

2.How did Sarah and her mother invite the guests?

A. They told them in class.??? B. They called them one by one.

C. They wrote letters to the guests.??? D. They sent cards to the guests.

3.It is impolite if you ____________.

A. reply to the invitation as quickly as you can

B. bring a small gift for the host

C. don’t really enjoy the party

D. don’t write or call back after receiving an invitation

4.What can we infer(推斷) from the article?

A. Sarah wanted to celebrate her birthday because she was very old.

B. You only reply when it is a wedding or anniversary invitation.

C. Sarah’s mother didn’t like what the boy did because she thought him impolite.

D. All the people that Sarah invited came to her birthday party.

5.What can be a good title for this article?

A. Learn to be a good guest??? B. Sarah and her 20 classmates

C. Important events in U. K.??? D. How to invite other people


The latest, the fullest!

Cooks Wanted

Are you good at cooking? Can you cook healthy food for the old? Can you get on well with them? Can you work 6 days a week? Yes? Then please call 87230033 or e-mail us at Sunshine Old People’s Home @sina.com. We need your help!

Room to Rent

A room with a single bed, a desk and a chair. Near Baicao Road Subway Station and a shopping center. ¥900 per month (including Wi-Fi). Non-smokers only. Call Mr. Bell at 87820662.


A small grey cat missing in Xinhua Bookstore on May 31st. She is afraid of dogs and there’s a ring around her neck. If you see her, please phone 87851117. I really miss her.

Big Sale (From June 10th -18th)

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Do you like Zongzi? We have different kinds of Zongzi for sale. Cheap and delicious.? Zongzi with roses ¥3;? Zongzi with meat ¥6; Zongzi with meat and eggs ¥8.? Come and buy in Walmart Supermarket!



1.Miss Clark needs to rent a room. She’d better________.

A. phone 87851117??? B. call Mr. Bell at 87820662

C. come to Walmart Supermarket??? D. call 87230033

2.The small grey cat got lost in ________.

A. Xinhua Bookstore??? B. an Old People’s Home

C. Walmart Supermarket??? D. Baicao Road Subway Station

3.Which of the following sentences is CORRECT according to the text?

A. Cooks who can cook for the children are wanted.

B. The underlined word “She” refers to the cat owner.

C. People who don’t smoke are welcomed to rent the room from Mr. Bell.

D. You can buy cheap and delicious Zongzi on July 15th in Walmart Supermarket.

4.We should pay ¥________ for two Zongzi with roses and one with meat and eggs.

A. 12??? B. 14??? C. 19??? D. 20

5.Where can we most probably see this information?

A. A guidebook??? B. A science magazine

C. A government report??? D. A piece of newspaper


Every school has its own set of rules to keep students disciplined (守紀律的). The rules change from one school to another. Some schools are much__________than others. There are also some rules that look__________ or funny to us. Here are some funny school rules:

Tough Japanese rules

Most schools demand(要求) that students wear uniforms, such as sports suits or skirts. But many Japanese schools even have rules about the__________ of underwear (內衣)!For example, only white is O.K. They also demand that girls' white socks should be folded in a__________way and boys' heads be shaved (剃過的).

Other Japanese schools tell students that they may not date, go to movies, leave home_________ sunset or play video games if the school doesn’t permit it.

Different shoes in US

For safety at some US schools, students must have a pair of indoor shoes to change into at school every day. This makes sure students won't fall over on floors and keeps the schools___________. Chewing gum(口香糖)is not permitted in many US school buildings, as it is___________ to clean up. And if students chew gum in class, they may not__________on their study.

No strange hair in UK

Strange hairstyles are not permitted in some British schools. But they__________ permit students to wear certain hairstyles during the World Cup years. Two students had a special design shaved into their hair during 2002 World Cup. But when the World Cup was over, they couldn’t do that because the school said the rules____________ after the world cup.

1.A. smaller??? B. bigger??? C. quieter??? D. stricter

2.A. nice??? B. well??? C. strange??? D. important

3.A. size??? B. color??? C. style??? D. material

4.A. certain??? B. simple??? C. different??? D. comfortable

5.A. at??? B. while??? C. after??? D. before

6.A. open??? B. clean??? C. famous??? D. interesting

7.A. easy??? B. happy??? C. sure??? D. difficult

8.A. sit??? B. rely??? C. focus??? D. depend

9.A. may??? B. must??? C. need??? D. can't

10.A. remained??? B. changed??? C. happened??? D. reached


You should use the machine in a right way. Don’t press the pedal too ______, or it can ____move.

A. hard; hard??? B. hard; hardly

C. hardly; hard??? D. hardly; hardly


This year, the sports meeting is ___than before because there are ____students on the old campus.

A. shorter; fewer??? B. short; few

C. short; fewer??? D. shorter, less


The tape recorder is not loud enough, we can’t hear clearly. Please _____________.

A. turn it off??? B. turn it on

C. turn it up??? D. turn it down


When I looked out of the window, I saw a gardener ______ a tree in the garden.

A. plant??? B. planted??? C. plants??? D. planting


My father drove _______the exit ______ Shuhan Road on the motorway.

A. passed , of??? B. past , for??? C. past, of??? D. passed, to


Next week I’ll fly to a new city. I will call a taxi to take me to the hotel when I __________.

A. reach??? B. will reach??? C. arrive??? D. will arrive


Kids in China don’t have to go to school in the middle of summer.

A. can’t??? B. mustn’t??? C. shouldn’t??? D. don’t need to


The fat man will take the blue jacket because it’s baggy enough.

A. loose??? B. fashionable??? C. tight??? D. bright


The man walking on the road knows how the major accident happened.

A. went on??? B. developed??? C. took the place??? D. occurred


Obviously, Eddie enjoys his life in the new school a lot.

A. Actually??? B. Clearly??? C. Generally??? D. Particularly


Good morning. I'm Dale. I have a bag. It's blue and white. What's in my bag? It is my jacket. It's a nice jacket. What color is it? It's red. And what's this in English? It's a pen. It is a black pen. And this is a cup. It's yellow.

1.I'm ________.

A. Eric??? B. Cindy

C. Dale??? D. Frank

2.The jacket is ________.

A. red??? B. blue and white

C. red and black??? D. red and white

3.The ________ is black.

A. jacket??? B. pen

C. cup??? D. bag

4.The things in the bag have ________ colors.

A. 2??? B. 3

C. 4??? D. 5



Jack: Good afternoon, Dale!

Dale: _____, Jack!

Jack: _____ today?

Dale: _____. And you?

Jack: I'm OK, thanks. What's this in English?

Dale: Oh, _____ a pencil. It's my pencil.

Jack: Spell it, please.

Dale: P-E-N-C-I-L.

Jack: _____

Dale: It's red.

Jack: Thank you.

Dale: That's OK.


A. Good morning

B. Good afternoon

C. How are you

D. Good evening


A. How are you

B. Hello

C. How old are you

D. How do you do


A. I'm 13

B. I'm fine, thanks

C. Thanks

D. You're welcome

4.A. it??? B. this??? C. it's??? D. that


A. What color is it

B. What's this

C. How are you

D. What's that



1.The ruler is yellow. (對畫線部分提問)

____ ____ is the ruler?

2.jacket, this, is, blue(.) (連詞成句)


3.It's a ruler.(改為否定句)

It ____ ____ a ruler.

4.It is a_book.(對畫線部分提問)

____ ____ this?

5.How are you?(作出肯定回答)

____ ____


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