I fetched my mail as usual. Suddenly a colorful flyer (传单) jumped into my sight. In the middle was a drawing of an old-fashioned phone, like the one my great-aunt Sara had owned 40 years ago and at the bottom was a phone number. Running my eyes over it, I couldn’t help laughing.

“Is that mail funny?” my ten-year-old daughter, Jenny, asked.

“Not really,” I admitted. “It’s about Wake-up Service. Outdated already.”

“What’s that?” she frowned (皱眉). I explained how, before smart-phones, people sometimes paid someone to wake them with a call.

“Who sent this flyer?” she pressed.

I shook my head. “Probably someone older and he could use some money.” I said.

Her eyes lit up. “Can we order a wake-up?” she asked.

“No kidding. With smart phones at hand, who will need it? And it’s no cheap at all. $ 2.5 per day.” I picked up the flyer and headed for the recycling bin.

“Wait!” she shouted.

“I feel sorry for the wake-up man, if he needs some money,” she said, tearing up. “Can’t we order?”

I looked at the flyer with its drawing of an old-fashioned phone. I remembered, again, my great-aunt Sara and her old phone. As a kid, I’d visited her over Labor Day? when Jerry Lewis would host his charity (慈善) event for the disabled kids. Aunt Sara would grasp my hand tightly, and then reach for the telephone, dialing the number on the screen. Holding the receiver between us, we’d announce to the operator, “We’d like to help those kids.”

But now here was my own child, showing the same big heart I’d once been encouraged to have, and how could I ignore (不理睬) her? I Googled flyer’s telephone number. The number belonged to a man called Raymond.

注意:1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

2. 应使用5个以上短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

3. 续写部分分为两段,每段的开头语已为你写好;

4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

Paragraph 1:

Jenny dialed the number.







Paragraph 2:

“Ring, ring, ring” went the phone at 6 o’clock sharp.









1. 询问病情;

2. 就健康的生活方式给出建议。

注意:1. 词数80左右;

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。









When talking about classical music, what can you think of? Is it a big orchestra with an old guy in a black suit 1. waves a stick in front? You are 2. (part) right. But there is a lot more to it. Classical music can be as simple as just one singer singing a song. It can also mean 3. orchestra with hundreds of musicians. Classical music can express an idea, explore a theme or let out emotions. It has roots in the traditions of 4. (Europe) art and concert music with a history of more than 1,000 years. Classical music is usually 5. (serious) than other types of music. Listeners are supposed 6. (stay) quiet and still.

Nowadays, more and more students are crazy about classical music 7. (composer), such as Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven. They think their music can make them calm down, sleep well 8. become smarter. They can perform better in tests as well. Besides, according to 9. (they) musical preference, it is possible to tell the types of their personality. Professionals like teachers can use the personality information to determine whether they have a particular music talent, which they never 10. (know) before.


??? I was driving to a business meeting and, as usual, I was planning in my mind what I was going to say. I came to a very ______ crossroads where the stop light had just ______ red. “All right,” I thought to myself. “I can beat the next light if I ______ ahead.”

Suddenly my thought was broken by an unforgettable ______. A couple, both ______, were walking arm-in-arm across this crossroads with cars running by in every direction. The man was holding the hand of a little boy, ______ the woman was ______ a baby in her arm. Each of them held a white cane(手杖), ______ for clues (线索) to guide them across the crossroads.

I was moved. They were fighting ______ one of the most feared handicaps (缺陷)—blindness. “Wouldn’t it be ______ to be blind?” I thought. My line of thought was quickly ______ by what I saw: the couple was not walking in the crosswalk, but into the ______ of oncoming cars. I was ______.

But I didn’t see an accident. Something ______ happened. Every car in every direction came to a stop almost ______. Suddenly a driver ______ his head out of his car, shouting, “To your right. To your right!”

Without a stop, the couple changed their ______ and followed the coaching. ______ their white canes and calls from some concerned people, they ______ it to the other side of the road.

Take time to ______ and you will really see something wonderful around you.

1.A. quiet B. empty C. busy D. lonely

2.A. got B. grew C. changed D. turned

3.A. pass B. race C. approach D. run

4.A. scenery B. event C. memory D. sight

5.A. young B. blind C. energetic D. deaf

6.A. while B. when C. though D. as

7.A. taking B. hugging C. carrying D. pulling

8.A. begging B. reaching C. asking D. searching

9.A. for B. over C. against D. off

10.A. terrible B. surprising C. thrilling D. fantastic

11.A. changed B. broken C. shared D. shaped

12.A. ride B. track C. orbit D. path

13.A. delighted B. puzzled C. frightened D. excited

14.A. amusing B. wonderful C. regretful D. embarrassing

15.A. from time to time B. all the time C. at the same time D. in time

16.A. stuck B. bent C. nodded D. shook

17.A. line B. situation C. way D. direction

18.A. Trusting B. Believing C. Holding D. Waving

19.A. got B. made C. put D. helped

20.A. look around B. look out C. get around D. come out


??? Many people feel their parents are over-protective. When you want to go to a party, for example, they will try to stop you. It seems as if you are still a kid. 1.

? Find out which parent is more easygoing. You can bring him or her over to your point of view first. Suppose you know your mom is more relaxed about it, persuade her first. And then she will be on your side when you talk to your dad. However, it can be dangerous, for parents aren’t completely stupid. 2. Remember not to use this all the time.

? 3. You can’t expect your parents to treat you like an adult if you still act like a kid. When you’re away from them, don’t forget to check in with them. To let them know you’re okay is a good responsibility point.

? Have patience. 4. Instead, slowly earn their trust. You should always go home on time and stick to the rules that you’ve both agreed on. Gradually, your parents will realize that they can trust you and start giving you freedom.

? Express your appreciation. The good news about over-protective parents is that they simply want to love and protect you. 5. Then they will learn to express their caring in a more productive way.

A. Act responsibly.

B. Behave yourself.

C. Here are some tips to help you.

D. Take time to get along with them.

E. They will notice if you do this frequently.

F. Don’t expect your parents to change overnight.

G. So feel thankful even if they disagree with you.


??? China on Thursday successfully launched space lab Tiangong-2 into space, meaning another historic step towards building a manned space station around 2020.

Measuring 10.4 meters in length, the tube-like Tiangong-2 is designed to enable two astronauts to live in space for up to 30 days and to receive spaceships.

Once inside Tiangong-2, two astronauts arriving from the Shenzhou-11 spaceship will carry out key experiments related to in-orbit equipment repairs, aerospace medicine, space physics and biology, such as space clocks and solar storm research. The number of experiments carried out by Tiangong-2 will be the highest of any manned space mission (航天任务) so far.

The successful launch of the Tiangong-2, along with the first flight of China’s new generation carrier rocket Long March-7 in June, bodes well for the final stage of China’s three-step manned space plan.

The first step, to send an astronaut into space and return safely, was fulfilled by Yangliwei in the Shenzhou-5 mission in 2003. The second step is developing advanced space flight technologies, including the launch of two space labs. Finally, the third step will be to operate a manned space station.

Once the space lab mission comes to an end, China will start building our own space station, which is planned for completion by around 2020. The Chinese space station will be much smaller than the current International Space Station (ISS), but it can be expanded for scientific research and international cooperation. With the ISS set to retire in 2024, the Chinese station will offer a promising choice, and China will be the only country with a permanent (永久) space station.

1.What do we know about Tiangong-2?

A. It is able to receive spaceships.

B. It sent two astronauts into space.

C. It was launched by Long March-7.

D. It works for international research.

2.What does the underlined phrase “bodes well for” probably mean?

A. makes up B. turns out to be

C. mainly results from D. suggests the success of

3.What is the best title for the text?

A. One Step Closer to Tiangong-2 B. 3 Steps of China’s Space Plan

C. China’s Space Lab Launched D. Space Station, China’s Dream


??? Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881—1973) is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. It is said that everything his brush touched turned to gold. But in truth, the value of his work could be worth more than any precious metal. Picasso created more than 20,000 works in his life, including two of the world’s 10 most expensive paintings.

Between 1907 and 1913, Picasso and his colleague(同事) Georges Braque started a revolution(革命) in painting. Before that, paintings were like windows — they were painted to look as if they had depth. You could tell which objects were “close” to you and which objects were “far away”. But Picasso and Braque didn’t want to paint like that any more. To them, a painting wasn’t a window to the world; it was marks and lines on a flat surface. Why, they thought, should an object like a guitar be shown only from one angle (角度)? A guitar can look very different depending on which angle one looks at it from. Their answer was to show all the angles. They broke the guitar up into pieces. Their style of painting is called cubism.

But why did they feel such a need to change things? Well, the world around them was changing, too. Science was turning people’s ideas upside down. Albert Einstein’s theory was proving that what we knew about time and space was wrong. And new political movements like socialism were on the rise. The world was becoming different; artists needed to start seeing and painting it differently.

The famous and terrifying painting Guernica (1937) shows the horror of the bombing(轰炸) of the town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. In the painting, you can actually see the sky falling. Picasso couldn’t have painted it without the skills he learned during his cubist period. Breaking a guitar into pieces was his preparation for showing the world being blown to pieces.

1.What is the article mainly about?

A. The high price of Picasso’s paintings. B. Picasso’s difficulties in career.

C. The popularity of Picasso’s paintings. D. Picasso’s achievements in art.

2.In what way did Picasso and Braque paint?

A. They painted objects with different depths.

B. They made their paintings look like windows.

C. They painted an object from different angles.

D. They broke objects into pieces and painted them.

3.What caused Picasso and Braque to start cubism?

A. Einstein’s theory. B. The changing world.

C. The rising socialism. D. New political movements.

4.The painting Guernica is mentioned to show _______.

A. the themes of Picasso’s paintings B. the anger of Picasso at the war

C. the preparations Picasso made before D. the artistic effect of cubism


Easy floating

If you have ever been swimming in the ocean, you may have noticed that sea water is easier to float in than pool water. Here’s why:

You’ll need

? Two clear bowls ??? ? Food coloring? ?Spoon? ? Salt? ? Two eggs

1. Fill bowls halfway with water.

2. Add 10 tablespoons of salt to one bowl, mix until it dissolves, and then add several drops of color.

3. Carefully put an egg into each bowl of water, and watch what happens.

What happens?

The egg in the plain water sinks. ??????? ???? The egg in the salt water floats.

(If the salt water egg does not float well, mix more salt into the bowl. )

The water and salt particles (粒子) in the salt water bowl are closer together than plain water particles are. They press harder against the egg than the plain water particles do and the egg floats.

1.The purpose of the experiment is to explain ________.

A. why the egg floats in the salt water

B. why people float more easily in the sea

C. how we can make the egg float in water

D. how the water and salt particles act together

2.According to the text, if the egg in the salt water doesn’t float, which is the reason?

A. The water is too hot. B. The egg is not fresh.

C. The bowl is too small. D. The salt is not enough.

3.Why does the egg float in the salt water instead of in the plain water?

A. The egg gets more pressure. B. The salt particles press harder.

C. The water particles are closer. D. The food coloring gives a force.


假定你是李华,马上就要填报高考志愿(apply for admission into a university)了,你的外教Adam发邮件向你询问相关情况。请你回复邮件,内容包括:

1. 你打算申请的专业;

2. 选择本专业的原因;

3. 希望得到专业选择方面的指导。

注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。







注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

When I first reached junior high school without my parents, I was very happy. Then I saw them getting further away from school gate. I started crying because of the thought of not often seeing my parents drove me crazily, I was then taken to my dorm in that I found other children very happy. I was sick because I hated eating the school food. I failed to concentrating in class. All I could think of was being at home with my family. As time gone by, I gradually adapted me to the school life. Thank to my parents, I finally learned to be independence and control my emotions.



TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a profound (深远的) pathway to create the life you truly want to live and the life you were born to live. It’s a timeless bridge, 1.can start and support 2. (grow) in every life dimension—physical, mental and emotional.

TCM has an ancient but completely modern healing system and it has the power to unlock your true potential and help you develop and use your own unique talents. 3. (it) wisdom and ability to understand individual health needs empowers each person with a way 4. (unite) body, mind and spirit-the foundation for lasting and authentic health. TCM teaches you how to live 5. balanced and harmonious life.

It’s true 6. TCM is one of the oldest healing systems on the planet. It has 7. (actual) been in continuous practice for thousands of years. How can something so old still work for people living today?

TCM can 8. (apply) to help heal anyone no matter what year it is because it’s rooted in unchanging natural law, which has its source beyond time. The unique medicine grew out of 9. (observe) carefully how everything in reality functions at the deepest, invisible levels and interacts with the surface or visible physical levels. It’s the medicine of extraordinary relationships. Every TCM principle 10. (reflect) and harmonizes with the relationships that exist within natural law.



In the summer of my eleventh year, the home I had grown up in was ______ in the middle of the night. Thankfully, my mom, dad, brothers and I ______ through the smoke. However. we had only the night clothes we were ______ in.

I ______ the rest of that night with friends of our family ______ trying to sleep in a bed in their basement. That’s because I was too ______ to sleep. I didn’t know what ______ things would lie ahead of us. The next day, my mom ______ me a few T-shirts and pairs of jeans given to her by another friend. One pair of jeans was too short and the other was too long but I didn’t ______. At least I had some clothes again. Meanwhile my dad ______ to the blackened ruins of our home to see what he could find. The only thing he could ______ was my mom’s wedding rings. The plastic case she had put them in that night had melted but protected the rings from the ______.

As the ______ days went on, in spite of having little money, my dad was able to ______ us a dusty old house by the side of the road near where our old house had been. As we moved in, our friends and our community continued to ______ all they could to help us ______ our feet. There was more clothes, furniture, food, money and even some books for me to recover from the disaster.

Looking back now, I am ______ for all we went through because it ______ me so much about life, love and people. It showed that love is enough for the first time, when you have nothing left but ______. So here may you always have ______ love for all the days of your life.

1.A. burned out B. repaired C. moved D. washed away

2.A. walked B. escaped C. looked D. rested

3.A. working B. eating C. entertaining D. sleeping

4.A. preferred B. forgot C. spent D. described

5.A. usually B. unsuccessfully C. formally D. irregularly

6.A. scared B. crazy C. hesitant D. old

7.A. illegal B. harmonious C. terrible D. smooth

8.A. purchased B. brought C. awarded D. paid

9.A. regret B. respond C. care D. contradict

10.A. returned B. added C. referred D. admitted

11.A. lose B. sense C. save D. recall

12.A. mud B. ruins C. dust D. flames

13.A. summer B. spring C. autumn D. winter

14.A. buy B. rent C. borrow D. sell

15.A. explain B. discount C. empty D. donate

16.A. make use of B. check on C. get back on D. relieve of

17.A. hateful B. anxious C. bound D. grateful

18.A. guaranteed B. taught C. cautioned D. discouraged

19.A. love B. clothes C. furniture D. food

20.A. shallow B. romantic C. selfish D. sufficient


??? Basketball is a great sport that is not only fun, but also brings children many benefits in different ways. 1..

Playing basketball has physical benefits. Children are full of energy—they need to move, jump and run constantly. Basketball will allow them to control that energy in a positive way. It’s a full-body sport. 2. Since it’s a fast and dynamic sport, children need to follow the game and the continuous movement of the ball. The ball moves quickly from one side of the court to the other and the kids move at the same pace which helps improve both resistance and speed.

Playing basketball has cognitive (认知的) benefits. Children who practice playing basketball develop skills that help them fight against opponents and move around the court. This sport helps them increase their ability to concentrate. 3. Children will learn to assess surrounding situations and problems that may arise, and then find the best and fastest solution. The fast pace of the game encourages quick decision-making and stimulates their concrete and abstract thinking.

4. Since it’s a team sport, basketball promotes sociability, coexistence and respect among peers. It’s ideal for shy children because they will have to learn to interact with other players. This is important both to get better at the sport and to have more fun. They will also learn important values like cooperation, teamwork and competitiveness.

5. In fact, there are many other benefits. The most important thing is that it’s a very fast and fun sport. This tends to make the vast majority of children enjoy it.

A. Playing basketball just has entertaining benefits.

B Playing basketball has social and emotional advantages.

C. These are not all of the advantages of playing basketball.

D. This means that it strengthens muscles in their whole body.

E. It also makes them more aware of the environment around them.

F. This sport promotes healthy development in children for a number of reasons.

G. However, there are some disadvantages when children keep running on the court.


??? People often feel anonymous (匿名) on the Internet. They believe their browsing behaviors and what they buy or write can be private as they want. In fact, that’s far from true, a new study finds.

Websites usually offer a statement that describes what they may or may not do with data about a user’s activities. You might be attracted to read through that entire document. But be prepared for disappointment. These documents tend to list only a small part of the websites which are allowed to have access to your data. Therefore, it’s impossible for users to make informed judgments about how private their online activities are.

The new research explored the disclosure on data-sharing by 200, 000 websites. These included the Arkansas state government homepage and the Country Music site. The study analyzed how these sites shared data with third parties. Such recipients of your data could be advertisers or companies that make money by selling personal data. The study also examined how those sites had described their policy for protecting the data privacy.

Timothy Libert, who works at Oxford University, studies data privacy. For this analysis, he used a software tool called webXray. It tracked 1.8 million data shared by each of those websites with third-party data collectors. Only 14.8% of those data went to third parties that were named in the sites privacy policies.

Data that were transferred to widely familiar third parties—Google, Facebook and Twitter—were more likely to be leaked than those were transferred to unknown parties. Libert found that 38.3% of data sent to Google had been leaked.

Even if a website listed all of the third parties it shared your data with, users still might never learn how widely their data had been shared. Why? Third parties that receive data can later share those data again. Think of your data now being transmitted to anonymous fourth and fifth parties. Getting online is “sort of like throwing beans in the air,” Libert concludes. “There’s no way to know where your data end up.”

1.What aspect of the websites statements will disappoint people?

A. The length of the documents. B. The reliability of the information.

C. The readability of the contents. D. The accuracy of the language.

2.What does the underlined word “disclosure” in paragraph 3 probably mean?

A. Reveal. B. Money.

C. Disappointment. D. Advertisement.

3.What did Libert find in his study?

A. More than a quarter of data-sharing went to unnamed third parties.

B. The data on the Internet is always kept secret by third parties.

C. Widely familiar third parties could collect users’ data more difficultly.

D. Widely familiar third parties were more likely to leak out users’ online data.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. Famous websites are no longer safe

B. Private data can no longer be private

C. Data-sharing is becoming very unpopular

D. Large companies make money by selling personal data


??? A new study explores the custom of tipping in the United States. Many Americans give tips to people who perform a job for them, especially workers in the service industry. They pay a little extra to people cutting their hair, driving them across town or serving them a meal at a restaurant.

The researchers found that men give bigger tips to restaurant workers than women. And people who live in the northern US are more generous with tips than those living in the South. People who earn $ 50, 000 or more a year give bigger tips than those who earn less than $50, 000. There is one likely reason: the wealthier Americans have more money to spend.

Michael Lynn is a professor of consumer behavior and marketing at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration in New York. In other words, he knows a lot about the issue of tipping. In earlier surveys, Lynn said he found mixed results on the generosity of men and women when it comes to tipping. In some studies, men gave bigger tips than women. In others, women gave more money.

Lynn’s own research in American restaurants found that men give bigger tips when the restaurant server is a woman and women give more when the server is a man. Tips are very important to service employees. People who work at restaurants often get most of their earnings from tips.

Nationwide, Americans generally tip between 15 to 20 percent at restaurants and leave from $2 to S 10 a day for the people who clean their hotel rooms. Tips of 15 percent of the reading on the meter (计价器) are also common for people who drive taxis.

But here is something to keep in mind. If you are able to give the person serving you a tip or a bigger one than what is expected, your generosity will be welcome. Many service workers do not make much money, and even an extra dollar or two can make a difference in their lives.

1.What is paragraph I mainly about?

A. A study in a restaurant. B. A job offering a lot of tips.

C. The service industry in the US. D. The custom of tipping in the US.

2.What is Lynn’s finding in American restaurants?

A. People give more tips to the opposite sex server.

B. People are always more generous to service employers.

C. Men give the same tips to the women restaurant servers as women.

D. Men always give more tips to the men restaurant servers than women.

3.How much tips do Americans generally pay if the reading on the taximeter is $100?

A. $2. B. $10.

C. $15. D. $20.

4.What is the authors attitude towards tipping?

A. Doubtful. B. Critical.

C. Uncaring. D. Supportive.


??? The woman didn’t like us. We didn’t do anything to offend her and she didn’t know us but that didn’t matter. As new female teachers in the Emirati School, we Westerners greeted her every day. Whenever we saw her, she avoided eye contact with us. Eventually, some of us stopped trying to befriend her.

Well after 16 months in the school, we had a secret pal gifting. I drew her name from the glass jar and that meant she was my secret pal. My role was to buy her a gift and say something about her when we publicly acknowledged who our secret pal was.

I bought her a small rose arrangement and asked someone to write a message on it and then sent it to her room. She was so touched. Next day I sent a bottle of shampoo but I wrote the message in English because she needed to know her secret pal was a Westerner before the day of the “big reveal”. I also sent her a fragrant candle.

I had brought a few gifts from Ireland when I returned to the Middle East in September. I decided to gift her a silver coloured bangle.

Then came the day of the “big reveal”. We all gathered in the staff meeting room and everyone was excited. The host said, “Several days ago, when you received your gift, you wrote a few kind words about your secret pal and passed the gift to them.” She taught music in the school so I said, “My secret pal is someone who brings music to our ears every day of the week.” I didn’t even need to say her name because everyone knew exactly who I meant.

She came forward with a huge warm smile. She hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks and graciously accepted my gifts. I think everyone’s understanding of things is subjective, so we should have more communication with people around us.

1.How did the woman respond to the Westerners greetings?

A. She blamed them. B. She kept away from seeing their eyes.

C. She treated them kindly. D. She avoided meeting them again.

2.What was the author supposed to do after knowing the name of her secret friend?

A. Prepare a gift for her. B. Write a speech about her.

C. Find out who it is. D. Chat with her.

3.Why did the author write the message in English in paragraph 3?

A. To show other teachers her identity.

B. To teach the woman some English.

C. To let the woman know her nationality.

D. To make other teachers better understand her intention.

4.What was the woman’s attitude towards the author at last?

A. Friendly. B. Doubtful.

C. Regretful. D. Forgiving.


Movies in 2018

The past year was a big year in the world of art and culture. Here is a list of the top movies last year.

Black Panther

Release time: February

The month of February brought movie lovers Black Panther, the superhero movie from Marvel Comics. The film tells the story of an imaginary African nation called Wakanda. The film earned critical praise and a lot of money. In fact, it has become the 12th highest-earning film of all time worldwide.

A Star is Born

Release time: October

In October, the world saw singer Lady Gaga change herself completely on the silver screen. Gaga starred opposite Bradley Cooper in the movie A Star is Born. The film was met with much public excitement and earned $100 million in US theaters in just 12 days. The film and its stars are widely expected to receive Oscar nominations (提名).

Bohemian Rhapsody

Release time: November

November brought the release of the film Bohemian Rhapsody. It tells the story of Queen, the British rock group that rose to worldwide fame in the 1970s. While the film has not received high marks from critics, music lovers around the world seem pleased. The film made $ 600 million in its first five weeks, making it the most successful music biographical film ever.


Release time: December

The Oscars are still a few months away, but the talk of the awards is already underway. In fact, the Academy released its shortlist for nine categories, including candidates for the best foreign language film. As is expected, Mexico’s critically praised Roma is among them.

Roma tells the story of a housekeeper for a middle-class family in Mexico City during the 1970s. Film critics also expect the film to compete for the Best Picture award. No foreign language film has ever won Best Picture at the Oscars before.

1.Which film focuses on the theme of music?

A. Black Panther. B. A Star is Born.

C. Bohemian Rhapsody. D. Roma.

2.What did the film A Star is Born mean to Lady Gaga?

A. It made her first appear on screen.

B. It made her become a singer.

C. It helped her receive the Oscars finally

D. It contributed to her career transformation.

3.What do we know about Roma?

A. It has ever won Best Picture at the Oscars.

B. It has ever been criticized by the Academy.

C. It is expected by some people to win the Oscars.

D. It is regarded as the best foreign language film.







1. 介绍展览的相关内容(例如:时间、地点、主题等);

2. ?#24471;?#20320;推荐该展览的原因;

3. 询问对方的意向。

注意:1. 词数不少于50

2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Jim,



Li Hua



Changing People’s Bad Impression On Us

Some of us have made bad first impressions in front of people we wanted to become good friends with.First impressions are important because they form the foundation on which all future thoughts about someone will be based.1.However,there are actions you can take to change people's bad impression of you.

Apologize immediately.A sincere apology can go a long way because you will prove to everyone that you value their thoughts about you.Tell the people that you didn’t intend to offend(冒犯)them and that you wish to correct the situation.Explain the reasons why you acted the way you did in your apology.2.Otherwise,it will make others feel uncomfortable that you keep bringing up the past.

Use humor.When you are around the people you made a bad impression in front of,play a small joke on yourself.Once they know you are not afraid to laugh at yourself,it can break up some of the tension.Remember to only direct humor at yourself.3.

●Do not make assumptions.After you have made a bad impression,it can be easy to assume that everyone thinks the worst of you.4.Instead of assuming what someone thinks about you,explain to her that you feel ashamed about how you acted and ask him how your behavior affected him.

5.In order to overcome a bad first impression,your words and actions in the time to come must be consistently good.With enough time and patience,gaining trust and changing wrong beliefs is possible.

A.Be careful not to overdo it.

B.Pay attention to future behavior.

C.First impressions are usually long-lasting.

D.However,things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

E.That way you can avoid any more feelings of discomfort.

F.So it’s hard to erase a bad first impression from someone’s mind.

G.Be mindful of your surroundings and sensitive in what you say to others.


??? China plans to launch 156 small satellites by 2025 toprovide Internet services in low signal areas and placeswith adverse natural environment, according toChinaAerospace Science and Industry Corporation(CASIC).

Due to environmental conditionsof deserts,mountains and seas, half of the world's population has noaccess to the Internet, and the information deficiencyhamperslocal development.

It will be China's first broadband Internet accesssystem with small satellites hovering in low orbit, whichwill also help meet the needs of commercial space development.

The project, named Hongyun, plans to send the firstsatellite by 2019, and launch four more by 2020. By theend of 2025, CASIC plans to have all of the 156 satellites in operation.

The Hongyun Proiect, which focuses on communication,remote sensing and navigation, can offer communicationand Internet services for China and less-developed 3countries with reduced latency. Meanwhile, the projectcan also benefit emergency communication, sensor data collection and remote control of unmanned equipment.

Currently, international maritime satellites are widely used in communications in mountainous areas and airplanes, but those satellites, 36, 000 kilometers abovethe Earth, have time and signal delay as well as high cost for providing services.

The small satellites sent by the Hongyun Project will hover in low orbits only hundreds of kilometers to 1, 000 kilometers above the Earth, and thus could improve the Internet access. However, the low orbit satellites may face challenges in power supply, as they need more energyto reduce the influence of air-resistance compared to highorbit satellites. Experiments are needed to determinewhether solar energy alone is enough.

1.According to the passage, ________________.

A. 156satellites will be launched by the Hongyun Project by 2020

B. international maritime satellites can cause signaldelay

C. The Hongyun Project may not encourage commercialspace development

D. low orbit satellites are currently used widely incommunications in mountainous areas

2.The underlined word “hampers” in Paragraph2 probably refers to ________.

A. accelerates B. determines

C. prevents D. promotes

3.Which of the following is not included in the HongyunProject?

A. Communication and Navigation. B. Remote sensing.

C. Data collection. D. Solar energy.

4.Low orbit satellites need more energy in order to________.

A. provide more accurate data B. improve the Internet access

C. reduce the effect of air-resistance D. face more challenges


??? The idea of turning recycled plastic bottlesinto clothing is not new. During the last five years, a large number of clothing companies, businessesand environmental organizations have started turning plastics into fabric to deal with plastic pollution.But there’s a problem with thismethod. Research now shows that microfibers could be the biggest source of plastic in the sea.

Dr. Mark Browne in Santa Barbara, California, has been studying plastic pollution andmicrofibers for 10 years now. He explains that every time synthetic clothes go into a washing machine, a large number of plastic fibersfall off. Most washing machines can’t collectthese microfibers. So every time the water getsout of a washing machine, microfibers are entering the sewers and finally end up in the sea.

In 2011, Browne wrote a paper stating that asingle piece of synthetic(合成的) clothing can producemorethan 1, 900 fibers per wash. Browne collected samples from seawater and freshwater sites around the world, and used aspecial way toexamine each sample.Hediscovered that every single water samplecontained microfibers.

This is bad news for a number of reasons. Plastic can cause harm to sea life when eaten. Studies have also shown that plastic can absorbother pollutants.

Basedon this evidence, it may seemsurprising that companies and organizations havechosen to turn plastic waste into clothing as anenvironmental“solution.”Even though thescience has been around for a while, Browneexplains that he's had a difficult time gettingcompanies to listen. When he asked well-knownclothing companies to support Benign byDesign—his research project that seeks to getclothes that have a bad effect on humans and theenvironment out of the market, Browne didn’tget a satisfying answer. Only one women’sclothing company, Eileen Fisher, offered Brownefunding.

1.What has happened during the past five years?

A. Fabric has become much stronger.

B. Plastic pollution has been less serious.

C. Many plastic bottles have been reused.

D. Microfibers have been greatly improved.

2.What does Browne think of washing syntheticclothes?

A. It is adding microfibers to the clothes.

B. It is worsening environmental problems.

C. It is making synthetic clothes last longer.

D. It is doing great damage to washing machines.

3.What can be inferred about Browne’s Benignby Design research project?

A. It has achieved great success. B. It hasn’t got anything done.

C. It is known to very few people. D. It is facing some difficulties.

4.What’s the best title for the text?

A. It’s important to learn to recycle

B. It’s never easy to solve pollution problems

C. Recycled plastic clothing: solution orpollution?

D. Are human beings moving forward orbackward?


??? On a flight from Dallas, Texas, to Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit a friend in 2008, event planner Paige Chenault daydreamed about the grand birthday parties she’d throw for her daughter one day. (Paige was five months pregnant at the time.) Then, flipping through a magazine, she saw a photo of an impoverished Haitian boy, skinny. “I thought, this kid has nothing,” Paige says.

The image stayed with her, andshe resolved to do something to help. “I decided I would use my talents to throw birthday parties for homeless kids,” Paige says. For the next four years, Paige and her husband, Colin, took time out from parenthood to visit shelters to determine how best to pull off the parties.

Finally, in January 2012, Paige launched the Birthday Party Project, a nonprofit organization, and recruited friends and family to help decorate Dallas’s 75-occupant Family Gateway Shelter with balloons and streamers, celebrating the birthdays of 11 boys and girls, with 60 more homeless kids in attendance. “That first party was better than I could have ever imagined,” says Paige.

Now Paige and her staff of three paid employees work with regional volunteers to plan monthly themed parties at 15 shelters across the country, some of which house abused or abandoned kids. Each child celebrating a birthday that month gets a$30 gift, a decorative place mat, and an individual cake or cupcake.

One of Paige’s favorite parts of each party is when the kids make a wish and blow out the candles. “They rarely get a chance to dream big,” says Paige.

Her daughter, Lizzie, now seven, often helps out at the parties. Paige says, “The one thing I’ve always wanted is for my kid to be generous.”

1.What was it that made Paige want to help the homeless children?

A. A flight from Dallas to Ohio. B. Her daughter’s birthday.

C. The photo of a Haitian boy. D. Her talent for throwing parties.

2.What does the underlined word “impoverished” mean?

A. adorable B. poor

C. talented D. dead

3.What can be learnt from the passage?

A. A total of 75 full-time workers are employed by Paige at present.

B. After unsuccessful attempts, Paige finally threw a wonderful party for the homeless kids.

C. Kids can spend $30 to celebrate their birthday.

D. Paige commits herself to the cause of helping the homeless kids.

4.What kind of person do you think Paige is?

A. Caring and sensitive. B. Competent and loyal.

C. Kind and perseverant. D. Responsible and disciplined.


??? Here are our suggestions for keeping busy this week. Dive in!

Take to the waves in Southampton

Always fancied trying your hand at sailing? Now’s your chance. The Southampton Boat Show has plenty of opportunities for visitors to get out on the water to experience boat sailing, powerboating or taking a ride on a RIB--all for free.

Discover an island on the Thames

To celebrate Totally Thames, a month-long festival is held at various locations across London. We’ve discovered 21 of the river’s most fascinating islands--all of them with interesting stories to tell. Make the most of it with our map here.

Catch great films in Bristol

Over six days, Encounters Film Festival screens up to 400 films from over 60 different countries. The Bristol festival provides a platform for international filmmakers, and offers a gateway to the likes of the BAFTAs, Oscars and European Film Awards. See here for full details.

Get scientific in London

Experience the latest, best and most challenging science covering all areas of our lives and universe at New Science Live at ExCel London. New Scientist Live is a four-day festival full of ideas and discoveries from the team behind the world’s most popular science weekly magazine, featuring four zones--Brain&Body, Technology, Earth and Universe--as well as talks from experts and over 200 exhibitors.

1.Which is the most suitable for moviegoers?

A. Take to the waves in Southampton. B. Discover an island on the Thames.

C. Catch great films in Bristol. D. Get scientific in London.

2.What is true about New Scientist Live?

A. A science weekly magazine.

B. A festival where ideas and discoveries are shared.

C. A festival to celebrate great scientist.

D. An exhibition to show scientific discoveries.

3.Where can you find the text?

A. On a noticeboard. B. In a newspaper.

C. On a website. D. In a book review.


??? Every act of kindness starts with something small, something we all can and should do every single day. I’m Will Ruhio, one of the ______ of BYUtv’s Random Acts show. We take hidden cameras to unexpected places to ______ random acts of kindness. We’ve filmed acts _____ from building disabled-friendly facilities(设施) for those who are badly ______ them but can’t afford them to returning a lost wallet.

On Random Acts, it may be a neighbor or a colleague who recognizes a need and ____ an incredible chain reaction of service.______ the story of Emmalene Meyers for example. Like many young girls, Emmalene was______to be a ballet dancer, but her physical disability makes even everyday tasks a(n)__. Instead of seeing a limitation, Emmalene’s friend Lily ______ an opportunity.Lily imagined Emmalene’s dream being brought to life onstage and persuaded Random Acts to help make her plan ______.

So, where can you start? The key is to be like Lily: look for an opportunity to make a ____ to those in need, and then take action to make it happen. Being ______ and involved in service is _____ like any other goal you want to achieve. You have to ______ it.

After two seasons of hosting Random Acts, the joy of? ______ burdens and brightening lives doesn’t fade. I sometimes ____Random Acts might lose its feature eventually, but that couldn’t be further from the ______. When I finally meet the people we’ve been working to ______ and see their genuine shock and appreciation, it ______ me in the feel every time. I cry more than anyone else on the show.

Be that person doing acts of kindness out of the ______ of your heart—be the nice you want to see in the world!

1.A. photographers B. actors C. viewers D. hosts

2.A. expose B. conduct C. arrange D. advocate

3.A. changing B. counting C. ranging D. transforming

4.A. in search of B. in need of C. in defense of D. in favor of

5.A. sets off B. sets aside C. sets down D. sets out

6.A. Retell B. Take C. Create D. Explain

7.A. anxious B. proud C. afraid D. unwilling

8.A. exception B. dilemma C. competition D. challenge

9.A. provided B. seized C. spotted D. missed

10.A. successful B. acceptable C. reasonable D. available

11.A. choice B. difference C. promise D. decision

12.A. generous B. caring C. ambitious D. sociable

13.A. never B. even C. still D. just

14.A. put up with B. make up for C. work at D. take in

15.A. bearing B. carrying C. reducing D. overcoming

16.A. admit B. realize C. remember D. assume

17.A. truth B. deadline C. destination D. boundary

18.A. entertain B. surprise C. locate D. please

19.A. relieves B. discourages C. hits D. satisfies

20.A. whisper B. curiosity C. faith D. goodness


在未给提示词的空白处仅填写 1个适当的单词,在给出提示词的空白处用括号内所给词的正确?#38382;?#22635;空。

China has once again showed its ability to change the world with its“ four great new 1. (invent)” —high-speed rail,? electronic payment, shared bicycle, and online shopping.

China's new-generation high-speed train, the Fuxing Hao, is now one of the 2. (fast) trains in the worldwhich can travel at a speed of 350 km/h. Besides high-speed rail, China 3. (improve) people's lives in many other innovative ways over the last decade.

Bike sharing, for example, is not new itself. But China has made 4. much more convenient and popular both in China 5. overseas. The leading Chinese bike-sharing companies? Mobike and Ofo are now operating in foreign countries such as Singapore and Britain.

And back in China, when riding a shared bike, you can stop 6.(buy)and eat whatever you want 7. (simple)? with a tap on your phone. You could easily pay with your smartphone by 8. (scan) the seller's QR code. Cashless payment has grown into a 9.(choose) for Chinese people—even a pancake seller is using Alipay.

Besides, the four innovative ways of life are most appealing 10. youths from 20 countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, and they wish their countries would emulate (模仿) China in terms of technological achievements.



1. 简述木兰代?#22797;?#20891;的故事;

2. 你?#19981;?#36825;一角色的理由。

注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 文章的开头已为你写好,不计入词数。







注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。

I can well remember an incident that happened on a rain Sunday afternoon. I was waiting for the green lights that a girl of about ten was knocked down by a pass car. The car then drives off quickly. A man immediately rushed to the girl to give him first aid, but I joined in without any hesitation. Luckily she was not bad injured and we sent her to the near hospital.

I am proud of what I did for the girl. As member of the society, I am aware of that being responsible is what it takes to make a better community.



A few years ago, after a long morning of sightseeing in New York, my children and I took a rest on a park bench in Central Park.

“Look!” my son said, 1. (point) to a nearby rubbish bin. That’s when we saw our first raccoon (浣熊). Quite at home in the big city, he paid us no attention, concentrating only on finding a 2. (taste) lunch. He sorted through a few options before coming out with a wrapped sandwich 3. (hold) between his paws.

4. (surprise), rather than run away, he jumped down and walked casually to a spot on the path, not a metre from 5. we sat. The children were spellbound, the raccoon providing better 6. (entertain) than any museum. He glanced at us, perhaps checking to see 7. we were about to steal his lunch.

8. delicate fingers, he peeled back the layers of plastic wrap until the half-eaten sandwich 9. (uncover).

Then he surprised us all. Instead of starting his food, he turned to a nearby pool of water and 10. (dip) his paws in. With a casual air, he rubbed his paws together underwater for a moment, brushed his fur, then started gracefully picking at his meal.


Why study history?

People live in the present. They plan for the ______. History, however, is the study of the past. Given all the ______ and pressures that come from living in the present and ______ what is yet to come, why bother with what has been? Given all the available branches of knowledge, why insist - as most ______ systems do - on history? And why urge many students to study even more history than they are ______ to?

Any subject of study needs ______: supporters must explain why it is worth ______. Like most widely accepted ______, history attracts people who simply ______ the information and modes of thought involved. But for people who are less interested in the subject and more ______ about why they should bother with it, a clearer explanation of its purpose is required.

____ do not perform heart transplants, improve highway design, or arrest criminals. In a society that quite correctly expects education to serve ______ purposes, history’s functions can seem more difficult to ______ than those of engineering or medicine. History is in fact very useful, actually ______, but the products of historical study are often less ______ and immediate than those of other subjects.

History helps us understand people, societies and how they ______. For example, how can we ______ past wars (and future threats) without using historical materials? Unfortunately, major aspects of a society’s operation cannot be set up as precise experiments. ______, history must serve, however imperfectly, as our ______, helping us understand who we are and why we do what we do. This, fundamentally, is why we cannot ______ history.

1.A. process B. result C. future D. environment

2.A. causes B. demands C. choices D. orders

3.A. avoiding B. fearing C. celebrating D. anticipating

4.A. financial B. social C. educational D. political

5.A. required B. invited C. forced D. permitted

6.A. direction B. exploration C. justification D. revolution

7.A. assessment B. attention C. expectation D. mention

8.A. subjects B. concepts C. topics D. concerns

9.A. provide B. receive C. share D. like

10.A. doubtful B. worried C. thoughtful D. certain

11.A. Supporters B. Historians C. Audiences D. Teachers

12.A. public B. multiple C. different D. useful

13.A. define B. expect C. satisfy D. ignore

14.A. optional B. attractive C. accessible D. essential

15.A. valuable B. interesting C. obvious D. instructive

16.A. imagine B. behave C. fight D. fade

17.A. prevent B. remember C. evaluate D. declare

18.A. Consequently B. Alternatively C. Fortunately D. Admittedly

19.A. library B. laboratory C. clinic D. museum

20.A. make up for B. give in to C. get close to D. stay away from


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